art + sense = Artisense

Artisense Creative (AC) was formed by a strong team of talents who share a common goal to drive creative and strategic communication. We adopt a solution-driven approach towards advertising and promotion.

“Artisense” is derived from two words, ‘art’ and ‘sense’.

Established by a team of bold and creative people, the team is inspired by one common vision to instill a ‘sense’ of ‘art’ in everything it does. With roots dating back to more than 10 years ago, AC has made profound strides to bring value to branding from concept to design to implementation.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring a host of original ideas and concepts to every cilent irrespective of large companies or sole proprietors. They are delivered by our team of creative talents including creative director, copywriter, video editor and designers.

Our Philosophy

Our philosohy is to provide one-stop A-Z services ranging from design to print and new media has made us more efficient.

we are about advertising and promotion in every way.

Our vast knowledge base grows from year to year. We go all the way to:

  • 1. Create awareness of your products and services
  • 2. Build brand loyalty
  • 3. Reinforce your image
  • 4. Provide greater product and services information
  • 5. Stimulate consumption and markets
  • 6. Incorporate value and meaning into brands

All things considered, we breathe imagination and life into diversified brands to create aesthetics and differentiation.

our values

Our values are incorporated in our company logo. The orange square symbolises the world of creativity where it is supported by four surfaces, each representing an essential value that contributes immensely to what we deliver.

These four core principles are respectively:

  • EFFECTIVE in stimulating brand affection
  • STRATEGIC in creating successful marketing
  • IMPACTFUL in order to change audience perception
  • DYNAMIC in adapting to present trends

We trust with these inputs, we are able to produce highly successful and satisfying outcomes.

how we do it?

Our process will be fine-tuned to ascertain your project is on-budget and on-time. We understand your objective and what you want to achieve. Then, we perceive a project from as many perspective as possible. Eventually, we select the best path to accomplish it.

AC is friendly and totally commits itself to build long-term relationships that foster mutual understanding along the way. Here, we manage every job with intuition and attention to trigger salvos of change to help you make a distinct difference. Strong in exhibitions and events, we owe it to your to make great the outcome.

Believing in everything we do!
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